unwoven light, and you are your own niche

星期三的晚上,我和Fred Goodall主持的小博客车间在市中心的最佳西方四季酒店(感谢赞助商blogalicious和凯洛格,并特别感谢你们这些人来了,它是美好的会议,见到你们!)这次会议是为刚开始写博客的人设计的,有两个问题我还没有停止思考。



我喜欢这些问题,因为他们都是我在我的时候,我的新网站改版,变成了我的朋友Asha Dornfest作为榜样。”“凯伦,”她说,“我们总是试图想出我们怎样才能变得新鲜、不同和新鲜,但我们忘记了我们自己——我们每个人——都是新的、不同的、新鲜的。我们是独一无二的。”





Wednesday night, Fred Goodall and I hosted little blogging workshop at the Four Seasons hotel downtown (thanks to sponsors Blogalicious and Kellogg's, and extra-special thanks to those of you who came, it was wonderful meeting and seeing you all!).  The session was designed for beginning bloggers, two questions came up that I haven't stopped thinking about since.  

The first question had to do with creating a niche in blogging.  "I've always heard that in developing your blog, you should have a niche," she said.  "I'm not sure that I have a niche -- I just write what I write.  And I'm a little uncomfortable in developing one.  Am I wrong?"

And secondly, another attendee offered a question related to sponsored work:  "How do you avoid PR people and brands defining your work?  How do you keep them from taking over your site?" 

I loved both these questions, because they were ones I wrestled with when I did my latest site redesign -- and turned to my friend Asha Dornfest as a sounding board.  "Karen," she said, "we're always trying to come up with how we can be new, different and fresh, but we forget that we, ourselves -- each of us -- is what's new, different and fresh.  We're  unique."  

Asha's words returned to me as I answered the questions in the room that night.  "You are your own niche," I think were my exact words.  "Simply be very clear about your passion, and why you're blogging -- write it down, if it helps -- and use it as your guidepost and your touchstone.  Don't let anyone decide who or what you're about.  You are your own niche." 

Since that night, it occurs to me that this goes way beyond blogging or social media -- it works for every single profession we're in.   No matter what your work, in whatever career, there are obviously rules -- but then, there are also ways in which you approach your work where you have some creativity and leeway:  how you use your own unique talents, strengths or even idiosyncrasies to make your job one that you enjoy, that harnesses your passions.  

The trick is figuring out what those are, right?  Figuring out what you stand for. 

You are your own niche.









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